PHSE SHFT is an innovative, risk-taker and genre bending artist creating an interesting melting pot from pop music, experimental noise, IDM and folkloric music from his native country Venezuela, while augmenting from music to encompass performance, visual art and technology.

Musician, engineer and independent artist Daniel Somaroo knownn as PHSE SHFT based in Basel, Switzerland grew up as a classical and folkloric musician which led him to travel the world to study Jazz where he gathered all the tools he needed in his main instrument (Double Bass and Electric Bass) while deepening his understanding of the recording and production arts. Given the many diverse stages of his life and the incredible amount of influences and experiences lived, it was hard to imagine that Daniel would end up finding a home in experimental electronic music where he would feel safe to express his thoughts and visions. With his debut single ‘’Destino Sin Sed’’ he jump started his journey, marking a beginning of a different kind of scene where the lines of genre and styles becomes blurrier, giving birth to a new community and a stage of high quality experimental electronic performances that are not represented in the current Swiss music scene.

Daniel Somaroo (voc, synths, electronics)