DJ Set!

Olivier Zurkirchen (*1987) grew up in a town near the Swiss capital of Berne. From a young age they were surrounded by electronic music thanks to their elder brother who had just turned 20 when the first wave of techno music swept over Europe. Olivier would experiment for hours with their brothers synth collection and even witness some techno parties at the age of 10.

Fast forward: After earning a masters degree in jazz piano and composition at Berne University of the Arts and after touring around Europe as a keyboard player with jazz and psychedelic rock bands, they grew tired of playing music in concert settings. They moved from Bern to Zurich. The idea of playing Techno livesets with their modular system grew stronger. They wanted to make people dance.

Olan! was born.

Since 2013 they’re playing techno livesets all around Switzerland and occasionally in Germany or France. Mixmag described one of their Youtube videos as one of “10 of the best live modular sets you can watch online” * next to Surgeon, Karenn, Ansome and other big names. Their energetic livesets are always improvised on the spot, ranging from Electro to big room Techno.

Since that time in their brother’s basement studio they always recorded and produced electronic music ranging from sound experiments to Techno. But they were struggling to find the right release channel for their music. So after sporadic releases on small labels under various pseudonyms they decided to release their debut EP themselves, taking back full control of their artistic vision from artwork to mastering.

0x01 records was born.

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