Heat Beat Big Beat

Every love story has its engine, this song is about ours. If you play it loud and allow the music to ravish you, you will feel what we felt like when we got lost in Berlin (and each other) that one insane summer. It’s all in there: the pounding sound systems tuned to the tee, bodies thrashing to the tight, syncopated low end. The intense late night escapades that delivered us drunk (in more ways than one) into gorgeous, technicolor sunrises! If you think of our love story as a movie, which it certainly is, this is the flashback scene that will take you back to the very beginning. – Lea Fries

Call it a post-punk mantra with a techno inflection. Call it future-retro. Heart Beat Big Beat, the latest single from et . nu, was composed in Paris, recorded in Britany, and is by far one of the most visceral sonic documents of what it feels like to fall for someone and put everything on the line for them.

About are Lea Maria Fries (vocals and synths) and Julien Herné (bass and production). She’s considered one of the most progressive vocalists to come out of the Swiss Jazz scene in recent years; he, on the other hand, is one of the most sought after bass players in France! Their forthcoming self-titled debut record is a document of their life/love story, written for bass and vocals (mainly). There are, of course, other sounds on the record – coffee machines, jewellery, kitchen utensils, a vacuum cleaner, etc. – and Billy Martin also drops in to play drums on one track. But really, this music is all about them. According to Lea, “ is an adult love story. It’s about life as this perpetual construction site. We decided to dig and go as deep as we possibly could – just to see what would happen – and this record is the result.”

Lea Maria Fries (voc, synths), Julien Herné (b, prod.)

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