Why did Ennui’s music turn out so good? Because they were so bored of the same old sounds that they had to create something new!
Ennui is a five-piece band hailing from Zürich, Switzerland. The group first came together while studying music at the University of the Arts, bonding over their shared love of experimental, genre-blending sounds.
They bring an intense energy to their live performances that leave audiences with no choice but to move. Whether they are performing in a packed club or on a festival stage, they always deliver electrifying performances that leave the crowd wanting more. Ennui’s unique blend of psychedelic, progressive rock and grunge is what sets them apart and make them stand out in the music scene. Fans can look forward to their upcoming EP, which is set to be released this year and promises to showcase the band’s continued evolution and experimentation with their sound.
With their fearless experimentation and high-energy live performances, Ennui is a band that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the music scene and set the world on fire.
Masterprojekt Jazz ZHdK von Axel Marena (voc, synth)
mit: Giuliano Nodari (git), Joa Frey (git), Sarah Allenspach (b), Dave Wieser (drs)

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Art Pop
  • Fr 15.Sep.
  • 20:30
Malummí: Ein fein verästeltes Oeuvre, welches Antworten auf die Fragen des Lebens am Puls der Zeit sucht.


Finals 23 – Part 2

  • Di 05.Sep.
  • 20:30
Diplome Jazz & Pop ZHdK 2023 – live im Mehrspur Die Konzerte bilden die zeitgenössische Auseinandersetzung und Persönlichkeiten einer aufkommenden Musiker-Generation ab. Ob Jazz, Pop oder Alternative Rock, lautmalerische Klangwelten, grooviger Soul, freie Improvisiation oder Mundart-Folk,...