waters blend

liquid pop

„Putting the guitar aside was nice. During lockdown, without any pressure or preconception, sparse and mostly sad songs were recorded with a minimal setup. My new found love for sampling my most favourite songs and integrating them into my songs helped me to get back to a child-like perception of exploring and creating songs with almost only electronic instruments. I treated all my influences as liquids and tried to blend them into new unexpected(at least to my ears) music that mingles somewhere between Bon Iver, Sevdaliza and Blake Mills.

I looked for a band setup that enhanced human and musical equality within the band, allowing to create a unity rather than four different people playing their instruments. Therefore we all sing and all play instrument that we haven’t played before, changing roles in every song.

All songs were written with this idea in mind, embracing a certain distinctness of lyrics and sparseness of sounds enriched with four voices singing harmonies blending the human element into the electronic landscape. The emptiness leaving space for the music to breath, providing clarity. I like clarity.“

Masterprojekt Jazz ZHdK von Djamal Moumène – vocals, synths, drumpad, lyrics, a tiny bit of guitar
Sophie Adam – vocals, synths, synth bass, drumpad
Ursula Bachmann – vocals, synths, synth bass drumpad
Lukas Sudewa – vocals, synths, synth bass, drumpad, a tiny bit of guitar