Fågelle / Neo Hülcker / Stellan Veloce

the GRiNM Network Conference 2019

We welcome you to the first evening of the GRiNM Conference with live performances by composer/performers Neo Hülcker and Stellan Veloce and Swedish experimental pop artist Fågelle.

In collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts, Gender Relations in New Music will realize the GRiNM Network Conference 2019: Experiences with Gender and Diversity in Contemporary Music. The conference will take place between 14.11. – 16.11.2019 in Zurich. The goal is to bring together thought leaders from across contemporary music, including artists, scholars, educators, festival leaders, and leaders of music venues, in order to address these systemic issues together across the entire musical ecosystem, and learn from each other’s practical experiences initiating change.

Neo Hülcker is a composer performer whose work focuses on music as anthropological research in everyday life environments. Their compositions evolve as situations, performance-installations, actions and interventions, and deal with digital subculture (like ASMR), childhood, human-animal-relations, queer practice and cultural hacking.

Stellan Veloce is a sardinian composer, performer and cellist living and working in Berlin. They compose pieces for acoustic instrumental ensembles as well as working on installations or performance pieces focusing on timbre, repetition and density. Together with Kaj Duncan David, Andreas Dzialocha, Laure M. Hiendl and Neo Hülcker they are co-founder of the collective and online platform Y-E-S.org.


Swedish Fågelle makes music where layers of noise and fragile constructions of concrete sounds meet pop melodies, exploration of rhythms and the subject of power. With her elaborate array of pedals, synthesizers and samplers, she dives into the sounds and textures, experimenting and tinkering until she finds what will come together with poetry to create a compelling song. In collaboration with the producer Henryk Lipp (Anna von Hausswolff, Blue for two) the ideas are grown into sound worlds, storm clouds. From the smallest text fragment to the rolling in of the biggest thunder. With lyrics in Swedish about our times in micro and macro-perspective, how time is painful and always slipping away and about power and powerlessness. Her music has been described as “a soft punch in the face”.